The Annihilation of Angkor Apeiron

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In February of 1975, I read The Annihilation of Angkor Apeiron by Fred Saberhagen in Galaxy magazine. This not-so-recent news story reminded me of it.

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It's gaining in popularity....

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Recently, I found myself in the San Francisco airport. As I always do, while waiting for the flight, I started juggling. A few minutes later, this guy walks into the waiting room. "Is this the juggling area?" he asks. "Yup", sez I. And he proceeds to grab five balls out of his carry-on, and starts juggling.

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Would you like mustard on that?

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There's a lot of talk these days about software factories. And books about software development borrowing from practices and processes used in automotive manufacturing. This is based on the premise that developing and delivering an application or functional enhancement is as complex as building an automobile, or locomotive.

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What's GNU?

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What's GNU

It doesn't mean what you think it means.

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History teaches us ...

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I was on a conference call with a group of IT application architects, and, with a few minutes left until the end of the scheduled hour, the summary of the meeting began with that phrase: "History teaches us ...". As an amateur historian, my interest was immediately piqued. The end of the sentence was "that a three-tier architecture is the best architecture."

Had it not been for that three-word preamble, I would have let the assertion stand unchallenged. But Clio had been summoned -- and I had to disagree.

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PyCon followup

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I promised at PyCon I'd post my slides. It took me longer than it should have. The deck is here.

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Food for lawyers

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Matt Asay suggests that a definition for an open source company would be:

An open source company is one that, as its core revenue-generating business, actively produces, distributes, and sells (or sells services around) software under an OSI-approved license.

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Weighing in

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Nat asks a difficult question. One that I am frequently in the habit of posing, although not as straightforwardly. For example, the copyright notice for Windows XP (I haven't seen the one for Vista yet) advises us that

Portions of this product are based in part on the work of the Regents of the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors. Because Microsoft has included the Regents of the University of California, Berkeley, software in this product, Microsoft is required to include the following text that accompanied such software:

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Another five things...

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While I was away on vacation, I got tagged by Nick and Stephe, so I guess I have to cough up the Five Things. Ever mindful that one's identity is established by "the set of things you don't know about me" (you know, mother's maiden name, name of first pet, etc.), I am compelled by the Law of Chain Letters to reveal Five Things You Don't Know About Me.

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Web Page

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Summer is the season for circus camp. Yesterday was the end-of-session show. In preparation for which, Chris mocked up a schedule and roster for the various events. It turned out that as the show took shape, changes needed to be made (as they always do). The biggest change came with some of the aerialist routines; specifically the Spanish Web act. The schedule and roster needed to be updated.

"I need a new Web page", said Chris.

By which, of course, she meant the piece of paper upon which were written down the details of the Spanish Web act.

Yes, chez nous, the meaning of "Web page" is seasonal.

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