2008-04-10 9:00

It's gaining in popularity....

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Recently, I found myself in the San Francisco airport. As I always do, while waiting for the flight, I started juggling. A few minutes later, this guy walks into the waiting room. "Is this the juggling area?" he asks. "Yup", sez I. And he proceeds to grab five balls out of his carry-on, and starts juggling.

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2006-06-17 21:17

Gina Responds

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Since I don't enable comments (sigh spam), those who want to comment have to e-mail me. Here's Gina's response to my last post:

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2006-04-24 1:14

Thank you, Spike

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My children play a game called "Jinx". In this game, if two people say the same thing at the same time, then the first person to call out "Jinx!" renders the other one mute. The "jinxed" party can no longer speak until someone says their name out loud.

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2005-09-24 7:11

A Ruined Evening

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Gina and I were registered to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak in New York. The evening didn't go according to plan.

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