2007-09-18 18:43

Would you like mustard on that?

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There's a lot of talk these days about software factories. And books about software development borrowing from practices and processes used in automotive manufacturing. This is based on the premise that developing and delivering an application or functional enhancement is as complex as building an automobile, or locomotive.

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2007-09-08 18:51

History teaches us ...

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I was on a conference call with a group of IT application architects, and, with a few minutes left until the end of the scheduled hour, the summary of the meeting began with that phrase: "History teaches us ...". As an amateur historian, my interest was immediately piqued. The end of the sentence was "that a three-tier architecture is the best architecture."

Had it not been for that three-word preamble, I would have let the assertion stand unchallenged. But Clio had been summoned -- and I had to disagree.

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