2008-04-11 9:34

The Annihilation of Angkor Apeiron

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In February of 1975, I read The Annihilation of Angkor Apeiron by Fred Saberhagen in Galaxy magazine. This not-so-recent news story reminded me of it.

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2006-04-27 23:56

Kim's teeth

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Gina used to have a recurring dream where her teeth would crumble in her mouth and fall out. Apparently, this is a common dream. Her mother used to have the same dream. And, shortly after Kayla went away to college, she called home to say that she had the teeth-falling-out dream, too.

A few weeks after that, Kim called home. She had never had the teeth-falling-out dream. However, she was sitting in class, and her teeth actually crumbled and fell out. Well, not all of them. Just two of them. And they weren't teeth. They were caps. Nevertheless, if felt like her teeth disintegrated in her mouth, and the pieces came out.

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2005-07-31 16:16

Using Open Source

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In Adobe Illustrator I type the word copyright into the search box in the Help Center. The page that results includes the following paragraph:

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2005-07-08 17:19

Plans B and C

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I got back from Boston, and there was a package from Apple.

It was (another) copy of Mathematica.

Academic Edition.

After three separate progressively less cordial conversations, I made (another) trip to Kinko's -- this time to send a return and await my refund.

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2005-07-02 3:16

Educational Discount

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My copy of Mathematica arrived yesterday. Yay.

Today, I sent it back. Boo.

Here's what happened.

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